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5D Steel Drafting and Detailing Services

Over the last 25 years we have been contracted to Oversee and/or Produce Mechanical, Piping, Structural Design & Detail Drafting for an extensive number of large and small Clients and Projects. Concept modeling based on clients ideas then all drawings and views extracted to produce Engineering and Fabrication Detail drawings. We will also provide free viewing software for exploring all models that we create to ensure client satisfaction also available for fly in fly out (site measure) reverse engineering if there is a need arises.

RJ Norman Design and Detailing has been providing quality, cost effective design and drafting solutions in Western Australia since 2003.

Managing Director Russell Norman has assembled a professional team with the skills and experience to tackle the most difficult of engineering projects. Predominantly producing documentation solutions to the Mining Industry his team also provide services to local industries and individuals.

•  The CADDS drafting expertise ensures customer satisfaction in the following areas:

•  Engineering Design (Civil, Structural, Mechanical)

•  Detail Design Drafting (Civil, Structural, Mechanical)

•  3-D Modelling

•  Structural Fabrication (Shop) Detail Drafting

•  Mechanical

•  Piping Isometrics (Shop) Detail Drafting

•  Civil and Geotechnical

•  Site Services Layout Documentation


Includes the creation of CAD drawings as per the client's ideas and requirements. All relevant drawings are signed off by a fully qualified structural engineer if required. Drawings can be supplied in both MicroStation and AutoCAD formats, as well as pdf format if required.


An option if the client requires realistic models which can then be supplied to a third party to calculate stress levels of a material. We have the ability to model in ProSteel, with facilities being put in place to utilise Navisworks for viewing models. 3D modeling gives us the ability to accurately design and create complex structures, and also allows the client to visualize their requirements in a 3D environment which is also a very useful tool for HASOP applications.


Drawings can be produced via the client simply providing a concept sketch, or with more involvement from our team such as site visits and input from our consultant engineer.


Drawings can be accurately created in the correct orientation and co-ordinates, giving the client accurate RL and XYZ co-ordinate data. 3D information can also be shown on the drawings, which can be created from .dxf files supplied by the client. Accurate cross sectional drawings can then be created from this information.


Include presenting the client with a set of drawings consisting of onsite services such as water, electrical, communications or sewer which can be used for Civil Works. These can be produced throughthe use of existing drawings or from information obtained through site visits.